Wheel washers for cars and lorries

Wheel washers for cars and lorries are designed mainly for tyre services or car repair services.


The washing is done using high-pressure rinsing with hot water with a possible addition of chemicals for very dirty wheels. Hot water circulates in a closed circuit. It takes 45-60 min to warm up the water to 50˚C and then the temperature is maintained. The duration of the washing cycle is fully adjustable. With the standard version of wheel washers, the wheel lies on a grid and the spraying frames rotate, one of them follows a U shape from the top, the second one is flat below the grid. This ensures thorough washing of the whole wheel including the tyre. The water circulates in a closed circuit and is filtered including separating oily dirt from water. The pump is protected against dirt intake.


Multi-level water filters with an oil separating system; it is possible to add a drying programme. We make a semi-automatic feeder for the washer for heavy lorry wheels.