Water wash spray booths

Extraction walls which are watered and spray booths with water filtration of coating compositions.
Inside the spray booth, the overspray is retained on the water walls and that is how it is tied together with water. Water contaminated by coating compositions is drained in a closed circuit through filtration or sludge separation. Spray booths have 3 water walls + water labyrinth in the filtration and a water tank under the working grid.


Polluted air is drawn into the lower part of the back wall and into the filtration. The remnants of the coating composition get collected here in the water labyrinth. The air blows through the water through which it is being extracted. The coating composition is collected in the water which falls into the water tank under the working grid. The air cleaned from coating composition is extracted through a dry filter.
The water in the spray booth circulates in a closed circuit. A suitable type of water filtration is chosen according to the type of the coating composition. Water curtains flow down the right, left and the back wall and dirt does not stick to the wall thanks to them and is pulled down into the water tank below the working space. A significant part of the priming is already tied in water.
With coating compositions that make sludge in the tank, the sludge is either collected mechanically from the tank or an automatic separator is used according to the requirements. In such cases, it is appropriate to add some coagulant to the water which is chosen according to the used coating composition. It is necessary to regularly check the water level due to evaporation and add water if needed, we offer an installation of an automatic water level regulator in larger spray booths.


Universal usability with all coating systems, e. g. with heavy primers, epoxy paints / water dilutable coating compositions, etc… Another advantage in comparison with similar systems is that the water tanks are low and therefore the construction is also low. The minimum height of the working grid is 420 mm. Water distribution systems are dismountable which ensures easy maintenance and cleaning. The working space is surrounded by water, there are no dry zones. Filter cartridges with active carbon to collect odours can be added to the equipment. Multi-level water filters, automatic dosage of coagulant according to the amount of paint used – collecting of paint in the separator is easier.
Below you can find figures with air circulation through the spray booths. The second figure is the type with filter cartridges.