Washer for hydrographic printing

Washer for hydrographic printing. Lower rinsing pressure for rinsing after the application of hydrographic foil. Dimension from 100 x 100 cm up to belt washers.


After switching the washer on, the water in the tank is warmed up to the set rinsing temperature and that allows rinsing of the object to be gentle and not to damage the print. Water circulates in a closed circuit through a two-level filtration system. The device will notify the user with a signal that rinsing is finished after the set time. Then you can put a new bunch of components into the washer and start a new rinsing process. There can be panel washers, tank washers or belt washers.


The advantages lie mainly in time saving; the operators do not have to rinse anything after the application of hydrographics. Manual rinsing is a long process for the operators, there can be several components at once in the washer and they will be still perfectly rinsed. You use the same water for several rinsings, it saves energy.


Rinsing after the application of hydrographics, mild rinsing using mist during the production processes.