Industrial washers

They are designed for hot washing of motor components and their incorporation among production processes. The washing is done using high temperature, water pressure and biodegradable detergents.


The washing is done using high-pressure spraying of hot water with the addition of biodegradable detergents with zero foamability. Hot water circulates in a closed circuit. The water is warmed up to 90˚C. The duration of the washing is fully adjustable. The basic type of industrial washers has a washing grate for objects. The spraying frames rotate above and below the grate. Each industrial washer (even the basic type) has water filtration and pump protection against dirt intake.


Multi-level water filters with an oil separating system are basic equipment. Additional equipment: drying programme. Semi-automatic feeder of heavy components. The possibility of adding a regulator for adjusting the rinsing pressure.


In production processes, passivation, washing and degreasing, anti-corrosive protection, car repair services…