We deliver paint stop filters designed for paint shops and also water filters removing coating compositions and the dirt from water. We produce filter cartridges from stainless steel for active carbon.

Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges are filled with active carbon and are designed to remove odours from the polluted air. This filter is at first placed in spray booths as the 3rd level of filtration, Filter cartridges are made-to-order for the specific spray booth or working place.


A filter cartridge consists of a storage frame where the active carbon is poured for removal of odours from the work place. The cartridges can be made from stainless steel or galvanized metal sheets according to the customer’s requirements. More cartridges, 1000 x 400 mm in size, are used for larger air flow.


A part of the spray booth, exhaust from the paint shops, removing the odour from kitchens and grills, exhaust from welding, absorption of pollutants from soldering, industrial pollutants from chemical and electrotechnical industry, smog, nuclear power. Examples of pollutant removal: Organic substances, acetates, benzine and diluents, acid gas and others, ammonia, combustion gases, etc… We do not offer active carbon for filter cartridges.