Dry filter spray booths

There is the possibility of table or floor spray booths. The booths with dry filters are designed for less used paint shops or low-output priming. This is an alternative to water wash spray booths.


The priming is collected by air flow and blown to dry filters. Solids from coating compositions are filtered and cleaned exhaust air is blown out of the spray booths via a vent. The whole dry filter spray booth is made from stainless steel. The basic type has two levels of dry filtration. The first level of the filter is a paper filter or metal sheet which consists of two lines of strips, one after another. And there is also a filter with soft fibres on one side with an increased filter density. A extraction wall is designed in such a way that filtration elements can be replaced with minimum effort and very quickly.
There are also table dry filter spray booths in which the products are put on the working grid. The grid can be coated with Teflon for easier cleaning depending on the customer’s wish. The floor and wall spray booths can be additionally equipped with a tub for dripping water with filters on the floor.

Additional Equipment

Besides this, the dry filter spray booth can have various accessories. For example, LED lights, energy saving dampers for air-handling equipment, manual/automatic regulation of the vent, blocking the spray when the exhaust is not on, adding a floor exhaust, etc….

We recommend using dry filter spray booths when your consumption of coating compositions is small.