About Us

Our story

It all started back in 2009 when we made our first stainless hydrographics tanks. Hydrographics is associated with painting and unfortunately, we did not like what the market offered in terms of spray booths. Therefore, we made a spray booth with a water curtain a year later. We tested this spray booth for several months and gradually improved it with respect to the user – the painter. It took us a lot of time and effort before this device reached the point where it is seemingly similar to the devices we produce today.

The turning point came in 2013, when our spray booths were independently assessed and we received complete CE marking for them. This opened up the market for us with paint shops using production processes. There are more surface treatment processes than just mere painting and that is why we started to produce other devices for them. We invest most time and effort in spray booths with water curtains..

We constantly develop our devices and move forward. We follow the newest trends in painting.

In 2017, the new website was launched and everything is produced under the Reinox label.

About Us

We produce and deliver stainless devices for surface treatments, mainly for paint shops. We specialize particularly in water-separating spray booths, dry filter spray booths and in closed spray booths. The range of products by Reinox also includes devices for commercial washing, automated lines for hydrographic printing and chemical removal of old paint. Our objective is to improve the quality of your products with a perfect surface treatment. We would like to deliver state-of-the-art devices in terms of technical standards with a guarantee of the final quality of your products.
Our production processes also include extraction walls, industrial washers, commercial wheel washers or washers for tyre services. Also passing tunnels for water rinsing, places for handwork such as washing walls and rinsing booths.
We almost always make products that are made-to-order which require a specific solution for the given situation.

How are we different from others?

We are not ashamed of the fact that our company is not large. You won’t reach any people in our sales department who don’t also work with production. We don’t work to get profit for shareholders, we do it because we like it and our motivation lies in constant further development.
We pay a lot of attention to customer feedback.
And also on the individual approach to every order and production of a new device.
We constantly follow the latest trends in surface treatments.
The dimensions are precisely made according to customer’s wishes and adjustments according to our agreement.